Our Home

THe main building

The farm house originally on our property Since the purchase of the property, much work has been completed in our main building. Due to the increasing number of residents there are thoughts of building a 50 person unit for housing on the property. 



The banya

As an integral part of our chemical-free detoxification program, we are building a traditional Russian banya (sauna). A sauna uses heat to induce perspiration and has many healthy benefits, especially helpful to someone enduring chemical withdrawals. Saunas relieve stress, relax muscles, flush toxins, cleanse skin and give someone withdrawing a chance to sleep. 


THe Garage

This shop has been fully repaired and now it works great as a car shop and for some construction. Escpacially in winter it gets pretty cold out here, so residents work inside.



The center owns couple of hives of honey bees with plans for many more. Bee keeping not only provides honey each season but a one of kind experience and a possible hobby for life. 


Animal Department

Our farm animals help the center be more self sustaining and give clients a chance to learn and experience rural living and responsibilities.


The Lake

We have a natural spring lake on property that gives people a chance to cool off in during the sumer and ice skate on during the winter months.